Computer ◆ Conservation ◆ Society

Donations to the Society

The Computer Conservation Society (CCS) is a Specialist Group of BCS the Chartered Institute for IT. The costs of running CCS events and associated expenses are met by an annual allocation by BCS, and there is no membership subscription to belong to CCS.

It is, however, customary for us to ask members for an annual voluntary donation of £15 or more to our Donations Fund.

The Donations Fund enables CCS to provide ongoing support for our computer restoration projects and other working groups. For example, we funded the cost of rescuing the ICT 1301 when it was evicted from its former home in a Kentish barn and taken to the National Museum of Computing. More recently we have funded the transportation of the HEC 1 computer, so that it may be re-assembled and displayed to the public, rather than languish in a museum store in Birmingham.

The CCS journal Resurrection is published and accessible at our website at no charge. CCS members, who are also BCS members, also receive paper copies by post at no cost. This option is available to non-BCS members at a small annual subscription. These arrangements are separate from any contribution to the Donations Fund.

You can make a donation online at using the BCS event booking system. Although there is no actual event, any donations you make will go to a special, ringfenced fund which the Society uses to support restorations and other related activities. If you do not want to use the online system, you can find a form at CCS_donations.pdf to post to the CCS Treasurer.

Members have responded generously in the past, and we are very grateful to the many individuals who donate in this way.