Computer ◆ Conservation ◆ Society

Past Events

Previous events held by the society are listed here. Links are given where there were event description pages with more about the topic and about the speakers. This list is by year, and starts from September 2007

Date/Location     Event Title   Speakers
26th May 2010, Wolverhampton
The Harwell Dekatron Computer   Kevin Murrell

20th May 2010, London
Pegasus @ 50   Panel of Speakers from the CCS

12th May 2010, Edinburgh
An Overview of some CCS projects   Chris Burton

15th Apr 2010, London
Software developments at Hursley   Geoffrey Sharman and Andy Krasun

18th Mar 2010, London
The Harwell Dekatron Computer   Kevin Murrell and Tony Frazer

18th Feb 2010, London
The CDC 6600 Computer   Dik Leatherdale and John Fernbank

16th Feb, Manchester
An overview of some CCS projects   Chris Burton

14th Jan 2010, London
50 Years of Advanced Programming: An anniversary seminar on Algol 60   Panel of speakers from the BCS Advanced Programming Group and the CCS

Date/Location     Event Title   Speakers
17th Dec 2009, London
Historic Computer Films   CCS Panel of Speakers

17th Nov 2009, Manchester
The Sierra Leone National Railway   Steve Davies MBE. Directoru of the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI)

4th Nov 2009, York
Computer Gems   Jim Austin

20th Oct 2009, Manchester
The Evolution of Hard Disk Drives   Neil McPhail

15th Oct 2009, London

15th Oct 2009, London
The ICT 1301 Computer   Rod Brown

22nd Sep 2009, Edinburgh
JANET - The first 25 years   Bob Day, Roland Rosner & Shirley Woods

17th Sep 2009, London
The History of Communications   David Parsons

15th Sep 2009, Manchester
Iconic Machines: Exhibiting a history of Computing   Doron Swade

14th May 2009, London
The BBC Domesday Book Project and its Legacy   George Auckland, Peter Armstrong, Andy Finney, and David Holdsworth

23rd Apr 2009, London
JANET - The first 25 years   Bob Day, Tim Marshall, Roland Rosner, and Shirley Wood

17th Mar 2009, Manchester
NW Group visit to Jodrell Bank   Visit includes talk Professor Ian Morrison and starts 2.00pm till 5.00pm.

12th Mar 2009, London
The Archaeology of Very Early Algorithms, 1948-58. Christopher Strachey's Love Letter Generator   David Link

19th Feb 2009, London
Seminar on EMI Computers - A Reminder   Keith Crook, Michael Knight, David Robinson, and Alan Thomson

17th Feb 2009, Manchester
Computers in Telephony   David Parsons and Nigel Linge

20th Jan 2009, Manchester
Some CAFS Applications   Hamish Carmichael and Martin Wright

15th Jan 2009, London
The ICL - Fujitsu Technology Collaboration   Tom Hinchliffe and John Vernon

Tue 18th Nov 2008 Manchester
Elliott's Contribution to Computers   Lawrence Clarke

Thu 13th Nov 2008 London Iconic Machines: Exhibiting a History of Computing   Doron Swade

Tue 21st Oct 2008 Manchester Computing before Computers
  Jane Wess

Thu 16th Oct 2008 London

A Life with Databases
  Charles Bachman

Thu 16th Sep 2008 Manchester

The BBC Micro and its legacy   Dave Allen, George Auckland, and I McNaught Davis

Thu 11th Sep 2008 London

The Legacy of LEO in Business Applications - a tribute to David Caminer   Colleagues from the Computer Business World

15th May 2008 London

Early days of Programming at Elliotts
  Sir Tony Hoare, Jeff Hillmore and others

17th Apr 2008 London
The NAG Library - The Continuing Story
  Brian Ford and Steve Hague

20th March 2008 London A Special CCS Seminar on the BBC Micro and its Legacy
  John Radcliffe, Steve Furber,  George Auckland, Mike Bostock and others

18th March 2008 Manchester
The I.C.L. Fujitsu Technology Collaboration
  Tom Hinchliffe and John Vernon

21st Feb 2008 London
BEACON Transaction Processing System
- a design ahead of its time?

  Michael Knight

12th Feb 2008 Manchester Development of the Metrovick 950 and 1010
  Ron Foulkes

17th Jan 2008 London

Computers in Publishing - 40 eventful years   David Brailsford, David Penfold and Conrad Taylor

20 Nov 2007 Manchester
Articifical Intelligence   Max Bramer

18th Oct 2007 London Some CAFS applications   Hamish Carmichael and Martin Wright

16th Oct 2007 Manchester The English Electric Deuce   Mike Wetherfield

20th Sep 2007 London Titan: The Poor Man's ATLAS?   David Hartley