1.1 This is the Computer Conservation Society’s Donations policy
1.2 The Computer Conservation Society (“CCS”) is a Specialist Group of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.
1.3 Definitions
(a) “Donation” means a voluntary contribution, gift or bequest to the CCS, or sums raised from fund-raising activities for the purposes of the CCS as set out in its Constitution, being:
To promote the conservation, restoration and reconstruction of historic computing systems and to identify existing computing systems which may need to be archived in the future;
To develop awareness of the importance of historic computing systems;
To develop expertise in the conservation, restoration and reconstruction of historic computing systems;
To represent the interests of the Society with other bodies;
To promote the study of historic computing systems, their use and the history of the computer industry;
To publish information of relevance to these objectives for the information of Society members and the wider public.
(b) “Donations Fund” comprises Donations not yet allocated
(c) “Officers” means the CCS Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
1.4 Exclusions
(a) Sponsorship;
(b) Subscriptions to the CCS journal Resurrection payable in certain instances by non-BCS members in order to receive copies of the journal by post.
2.1 There is no membership subscription to belong to the CCS.
2.2 The costs of running CCS events and associated expenses are met by an annual allocation by BCS.
2.3 The CCS welcomes Donations for the purpose of supporting its objectives as set out in its Constitution and on its website, and customarily asks its members to make an annual voluntary Donation.
2.4 Donations may be used to support any endeavour in support of CCS objectives. Such endeavours may include but are not limited to support for computer restoration projects, computing system projects and other working groups, prizes and awards, education and research, workshops, symposia and other activities
3.1 A request may be made in writing to an Officer of the CCS or to the CCS Committee to make a grant from the Donations Fund.
3.2 The CCS Committee may itself initiate consideration of making a grant from the Donations Fund.
3.3 Decisions on grants from, and the use of, the Donations Fund are made by the CCS Committee, except that if a decision is required at short notice, the Chair in consultation with the Officers may make the decision, and subsequently report such decision to the CCS Committee.
3.4 Decisions may properly be taken by the CCS Committee, or by the Chair in consultation with the other Officers, to make grants from the Donations Fund for activities, projects or for any other purpose in which one or more CCS Committee members may be involved, such as, but not limited to, being a Leader of a Project or other Group or Regional Group as defined in the Constitution.
3.5 A donor may designate an individual Donation to support a particular endeavour in support of CCS objectives, in which case the CCS Committee will take account of such designation in making a decision on a grant to be made to such endeavour from the Donations Fund.
3.6 The person or group to whom any Donation is allocated will report to the CCS Committee on the use of the Donation, within six months of its allocation. If no use is made of part or all of the Donation allocated, it must be repaid to the CCS Donations Fund.
4.1 CCS Committee members shall derive no personal benefit from Donations.
4.2 The CCS Committee has the power to refuse any voluntary contribution, gift or bequest offered if the activities of the potential donor are contrary to the objectives of the CCS, or for any other reason that the CCS reasonably considers is in the interests of the CCS.
4.3 A notice will be posted to the CCS website and published in the CCS journal Resurrection annually stating the grants which have been made during the preceding twelve months from the Donations Fund.

March 2018