The ICL - Fujitsu Technology Collaboration

Speakers: Tom Hinchliffe and John Vernon
Date: Tue 18th March 2008
Time: 17:30 Room open in advance (from 17:00) meet up with society members.

The Conference Centre. Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, Manchester. M3 4FP

and again on
Date: 15th January 2009
Time: 14.30 Room is open from 14.00 - meet up with society members
Location: Fellows Library of the Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD

About the seminar

The ICL-Fujitsu agreement of October 1981 was an innovative solution to the challenge ICL faced in developing advanced mainframe products with limited R&D and technology resources. The resulting collaboration in the 1980s is a classic example of technology transfer and intercept, and had outstanding business benefits for both organisations. The collaboration enabled ICL to deliver a new generation of UK produced mainframes (the Series 39 range) from 1985 onwards.

The talk will be in three parts – and includes historic photographs and original period slides.

Introductory Overview

The office mainframe project (DM1, known later as Level 30) - John Vernon

The large mainframe project (S3L, known later as Level 80) - Tom Hinchliffe

The talks will take around 2 hours, followed by questions and discussion.

About the Speakers

Tom Hinchliffe and John Vernon are from the CCS North West Group based in Manchester. At the time of the initial collaboration, Tom was the Project Manager of the S3L Large Mainframe Project (Estriel), and John was the Senior Technologist for the Office Mainframe Project (DM1).

Both Tom and John had distinguished careers in ICL, in the High Performance Systems division at West Gorton in Manchester. Tom was appointed an ICL director in 1985 until his retirement in 1996, and continued as a director of Fujitsu Systems Europe until 2001.


For more see this Wikipedia entry on the ICL Series 39. That also gives links to more detailed information.


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