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Elliott 900 Series Computers

Software and Documentation Archive

Andrew Herbert

The archive contains my collection of:

  1. software and manuals distributed by Elliotts to Elliott 920, 903 and 905 customers
  2. software and manuals distributed by Elliott's Airborne Computing Division to its customers
  3. software written by myself
  4. software written by other Elliott 900 series users
  5. a 900 series simulator, associated tools and demonstration programs
  6. for Microsoft Windows 7.

The zip archive "900 Software.zip" includes images of original Elliott paper tapes and cleaned up versions suitable for punching out and running on a real 900 series computer or on my simulator.

The folder "Manuals" contains scanned versions of printed Elliott manuals and related documents.

The zip archive " Simulator.zip" contains a simulator system that allows Elliott 900 programs to be run on the Microsoft Windows platform. It also includes runnable demonstrations of much of the software in the archive. The simulator package includes a comprehensive manual describing both the simulator and the programs used in the demonstrations. It is often a more convenient and concise source that the Elliott technical documentation from which it is derived.

The " Tools.zip" folder includes useful Windows programs for decoding Elliott paper tape images and pretty printing Elliott 903 SIR programs.

The "Software Release Notes" folder contains documentation of some my own 903 software written in the form of an original Elliott SRN (Software Release Note).

The file "Elliott903Music.mp3" is a recording of my Elliott 903 running a music playing program.

The file "ReleaseNotes.txt" summarises the changes made in the most recent update of the site.

README files in each folder of the archive provide further details of the contents of that folder.

The content of this web site is taken from my personal archive held as a Dropbox. You may sometimes find updates in the Dropbox that have not yet been copied to the web site.

Elliott Archive / Andrew Herbert / 24 March 2017