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Just some of the machines and systems being restored to working order by the Computer Conservation Society.


News headlines - March 2015

Delay in Production of Resurrection 69

Although Resurrection 69 has been completed and is available on this website here, there has been a problem over funding for the printed version.

As members will know, Resurrection has hitherto been paid for by the BCS. Questions have arisen within the BCS as to whether this arrangement can be allowed to continue and whether Resurrection ought not to be an exclusively online publication as befits a society devoted to IT.

Rest assured that relevant members of the CCS committee are addressing this problem as a matter of urgency and we hope to bring you a printed Resurrection 69 in due course. In the meanwhile, please bear with us.

Annual Turing Lecture

On 23rd February, the annual Turing Lecture took place at the Royal Institution. A recording was made and can be seen here. Of particuar interest to CCS members was a short introductory speech by Alan Turing's nephew Dermot (between 2:15 and 5:30 minutes) during which he was kind enough to give a complementary mention to “our” replica Bombe at Bletchley Park.

Next Events

The Battle of Britain’s Home Computers
March 19th 2015 - London

The Antikythera Mechanism
March 17th 2015 - Manchester

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Founded in 1989, the Computer Conservation Society is a joint venture between the British Computer Society, the Science Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Our primary mission is to preserve historic computers, develop awareness of the history of computing, and encourage research. We run many specialised projects, organise public lecture series, and publish a regular bulletin.

Membership of the society is open to all.
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