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Just some of the machines and systems being restored to working order by the Computer Conservation Society.


News headlines - March 2014

Announcement of The Alan Turing Institute

In his budget speech, the Chancellor, George Osborne announced the creation of The Alan Turing Institute which is to be a new research organisation to investigate methods of analysing huge quantities of "Big Data" to find patterns. A budget of £42,000,000 has been allocated to support this work. Organisations, including existing universities, will be invited to bid for the new institute later in the year.

At least two Alan Turing Institutes have been set up previously, one in Holland and another by the late Donald Michie in Glasgow in 1983 which latter closed in 1994 (a fact which seems to have escaped the notice of the Daily Telegraph) due to lack of clients.

Manchester MP John Leech immediately suggested that Manchester University would be an appropriate site for the new organisation, saying "Alan Turing's contribution to Manchester was enormous...". CCS members will, no doubt, have their own views about that.

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The Origins of the ICT 1900 Series (1961-64).
September 11th 2014 - London

The EDSAC Rebuild Project
September 16th 2014 - Manchester

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