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Just some of the machines and systems being restored to working order by the Computer Conservation Society.


News headlines - October 2014

CCS 25th Anniversary

This month marks a quarter of a century since the Society was founded by Doron Swade and Tony Sale. Now boasting over 1,000 members we feel great pride that the Society continues to prosper and earn its place as a centre of expertise and excellence.

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Bombe Rebuild voted top Engineering Heritage award winner

The Bombe code-breaking machine has been voted the favourite artefact ever to have won an Engineering Heritage Award.

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Termination of two MOSI Projects

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that the authorities at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry have decided to terminate the Hartree Differential Analyser Project and the Pegasus Peripherals Project as they no loinger fit in with the museum's future plans. We understand that the Computing Gallery will be closed. A sad day for us all especially for Charles Lindsey, Brian Russell, Dave Wade and the other team members.

Next Events

The Three Rs of Software Preservation: Rescue, Retention and Relevance
October 21st 2014 - Manchester

Pesentation of the 2014 Tony Sale Award
November 6th 2014 - BCS London

The Three Rs of Software Preservation: Rescue, Retention and Relevanc
November 20th 2014 - London

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Founded in 1989, the Computer Conservation Society is a joint venture between the British Computer Society, the Science Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Our primary mission is to preserve historic computers, develop awareness of the history of computing, and encourage research. We run many specialised projects, organise public lecture series, and publish a regular bulletin.

Membership of the society is open to all.
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