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Just some of the machines and systems being restored to working order by the Computer Conservation Society.


News headlines - March 2015

New Arrangements for Distribution of Resurrection

For the last 25 years Resurrection has been distributed free of charge to all CCS members and generously paid for by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT. Over time, the membership of the CCS has increased from a few dozen to well over a thousand, around half of whom are not BCS members. Understandably it has been decided that this arrangement is no longer sustainable and starting with edition number 71 we will be asking most non-members of BCS who wish to continue to receive paper copies of Resurrection to pay a small annual subscription of 10 for four issues of Resurrection

Current BCS members will continue to receive paper copies of Resurrection as will former BCS members aged 60 and over who had at least five years continuous membership of the BCS.

Of course Resurrection will continue to be freely available on the web at If we have your email address you will be notified each time a new edition is published.

If you received an explanitory note with Resurrection 69 recently then this means that we had NOT identified you as a qualififing recipient for free copies Resurrection in the future. If no such enclosure was foun, then you will continue to recieve Resurrection as hitherto.

The next edition of Resurrection (Resurrection 70) will be the last one which will go to everybody.

Non-qualifying members who want to continue to receive paper copies of Resurrection can subscribe using the BCS online booking system at

CCS Member’s Email Addresses

We have recently discovered that the BCS, who maintain the CCS membership list on our behalf, does not have email addresses for around 300 CCS members. Until now this has been of little account, but we would like to be able to email as many CCS members as possible, not least to inform members each time a new edition of Resurrection is published.

If you do not receive occasional email from us telling you about forthcoming lectures then we don’t have your email address. We would be grateful if you would email our esteemed membership secretary at enclosing your name and address (so that he can accurately identify you).

Thank you.

Next Events

Mechanisation of Calculationn
September 17th 2015 - london

Satellite Navigation Technology
September 22nd 2015 - Manchester

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Founded in 1989, the Computer Conservation Society is a joint venture between the British Computer Society, the Science Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Our primary mission is to preserve historic computers, develop awareness of the history of computing, and encourage research. We run many specialised projects, organise public lecture series, and publish a regular bulletin.

Membership of the society is open to all.
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