About the Computer Conservation Society (the CCS)

The CCS is a co-operative venture between the British Computer Society, the Science Museum of London, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester and The National Museum of Computing.

The CCS was constituted in September 1989 as a Specialist Group of the BCS. It is thus covered by the Royal Charter and the charitable status of the BCS.

The aims of the CCS

The objects of the Computer Conservation Society (“Society”) are:

There are a number of active Projects on specific computer restorations and early computer technologies and software. We encourage younger people to take part in order to achieve skills transfer. Our guidelines for our projects are published here.


Membership is open to anyone interested in computer conservation and the history of computing. For more details on becoming a member of the CCS see our page about joining the CCS.

The CCS is funded and supported by a grant from the BCS and members’ voluntary donations. Find out about making a donation here. Some charges may be made for publications and attendance at seminars and conferences.

Our Committee

The committee brings together our officers, representatives of museums, leaders of computer restoration projects, and co-opted members

Society Policy Documents