Computer History Books by CCS Members

A list of books, many of which are related to CCS Projects past and present, all of which have been penned by leading members of the Society.

ICL, A Business and Technical History

Martin Campbell-Kelly Out of print but available via “print on demand” from Oxford University Press
An ICL Anthology Another ICL Anthology
Hamish Carmichael

Out of print but available online here and here

The author was collecting material for a proposed third volume which will include not only the wit and wisdom of ICL as before, but also that of the Computer Conservation Society.

This work will be continued by others. Please feel free to send further humorous or scurrilous anecdotes to


Alan Turing and his Contemporaries

Simon Lavington [ed],
Chris Burton,
Martin Campbell-Kelly &
Roger Johnson
Published by BCS.

The Turing Guide

jack Copeland and others Published by Oxform University Press.

Alan Turing’s Manchester

Jonathan Swinton Published by Infang Publishing but available from

A History of Manchester Computers

Simon Lavington Out of print - available second hand.

Early British Computers

Simon Lavington Out of print but available on the Web.

Colossus 1943 - 1996

Tony Sale Available from the National Museum of Computing.


Kevin Murrell &
Delwyn Holroyd
Available from the National Museum of Computing.

Moving Targets: Elliott-Automation and the Dawn of the Computer Age in Britain, 1947 67

Simon Lavington Published by Springer.

Early Computing in Britain Ferranti Ltd. and Government Funding, 1948 – 1958

Simon Lavington Published by Springer.

Early Home Computers

Kevin Murrell Published by Shire.

The Pegasus Story. A History of a Vintage British Computer

Simon Lavington Out of print but known to be available in remainder bookshops.

Pegasus the Seminal Early Computer

Hugh McGregor Ross  

The Cogwheel Brain: Charles Babbage and the quest to build the first computer

Doron Swade Published by Little Brown.

The Dream Machine - Exploring the Computer Age

Doron Swade &
Jon Palfreman
Available secondhand.

Charles Babbage and His Calculating Engines

Doron Swade  

The Story of the Computer

Stephen J. Marshall Published by the author and available on Amazon.

Making the History of Computing Relevant?

Tilly Blyth[ed] Roger Johnson[ed],
Charles H. Lindsey, David Holdsworth,
Chris Burton, Andrew Herbert,
David Hartley, Kevin Murrell,
and others
Published by Springer.

Archaeology of Algorithmic Artefacts

David Link Published by The University of Minnesota Press.

The ICL 2900 Series

John Buckle Long out of print, but now available at

Milestones in Analog and Digital Computing

Herbert Bruderer Published by Springer in an english translation.