Historic computers - list of individual web sites

Early British Computers
This website has Simon Lavington's book on computers developed up to the late 50; originally published in 1980

The Story of ATLAS A computer
By Iain Stinson. Describes the London University Atlas published on the occasion of its demise.

ICT 1301
The website of the 1301 restoration project, which has a 1961 vintage second generation computer.

The website for people who worked on Emidec 1100s, with technical information also.

This website has the full programming manual for the Ferranti Orion, first published 1961.

A comprehensive website on the English Electric Deuce - about the computer and the people. From enthusiasts in Australia.

A collection of material relating to KDF9 — especially stuff with a software aspect (Eldon and Algol). Put together by David Holdsworth and others; includes documents posted by Brian Wichmann and Bill Finlay.

The website of the Leo Society also has photos and other information on the Leo computers.

ICL 1900
This website has much about ICL 1900 computer systems and George 3, and has a systems programming angle.

Harwell Dekatron Computer
This is an on-going project to document this unusual machine developed in the early 1950s

A website about Australia's first computer, now preserved in a museum.

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