The History of Communications – from Telephones to Data Communications Networks

Speakers: David Parsons
Date: 17th September 2009
Time: 14.30 Room open in advance (from 14.00) – meet up with society members.

Fellows Library of the Science Museum
Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD

About the talk

There is little doubt that the development of the telephone had an enormous affect on the way in which people communicate with each other. Then the development of telecommunications and the use of data communications with computers have had profound effects on just about every aspect of our daily lives.

Linking computers to new telecommunications technology has seen the development of capability never dreamt of when the telephone was first introduced, taking it from an analogue single line link to the high speed worldwide digital networks of today.

This talk will trace the development of telecommunications systems from the original telephone and associated systems and will explore how integrating and applying computer capability into telecommunications and telephony has changed the world we live in.

The talk will be followed by discussion on the topics raised.

About the speaker

Professor David Parsons is Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Salford University. He has worked closely with Professor Linge for some 20 years - most recently as co-investigator for EPSRC PPE projects “Engaging with Communications”. These projects led to the development of a PDA based wireless interactive multi media museum guide in use in the Manchester Communicates Gallery at MoSI.

Until 2006 he was also the BCS Regional Manager supporting BCS professional and chartered member activities in the North. Previously worked in the application of computers and their exploitation in banking, and ‘retired’ in 1993 from the role Advanced Technology Director at Barclays Bank.

At Salford with Professor Linge, he teaches network architecture and design. He also teaches professional, ethical and management issues to computing/IT undergraduates and postgraduates. He gives guest lectures on these subjects at universities and societies throughout the UK, including previous talks to the Computer Conservation Society.


For more detail on the work of the Professor Linge, Professor Parsons and their colleagues in the history of telecommunications see the Engaging with Communications website.



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