50 years of Advanced Programming - an Anniversary Seminar on Algol 60

Speakers: Mike Woodger, Professor Brian Randell, Professor Richard Bornat, Brian Wichmann, David Holdsworth, and Peter Onion.
Date: 14th January 2010
Time: 14.30 Room open in advance (from 14.00) – meet up with society members.

Fellows Library of the Science Museum
Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD


About the seminar

This seminar marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the ALGOL 60 report. Its significance and influence will be presented and discussed by a panel of distinguished speakers. Contributions for this anniversary from several of the pioneers in this field will be included. The talks will be followed by discussion - till 5pm
This is a joint meeting of the Computer Conservation Society and the BCS Advanced Programming Specialist Group.
More details of the programme will be given before the event on the website of the BCS Advanced Group - see the page for the APG January event

About the speakers

The distinguished speakers have been active in this field for many years, and have made major contributions to computing, including many publications.


For more about ALGOL 60, click here to see a comprehensive Wikipedia entry.

For more about the Advance programming Group see the APG entry on the BCS website.


Click to see a podcast of the event