Software Development at Hursley: the first 35 Years and beyond

Speakers: Geoffrey Sharman and Andy Krasun
Date: 15th April 2010
Time: 14.30 Room open in advance (from 14.00) – meet up with society members.

Fellows Library of the Science Museum
Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD


About the seminar

Hursley is a small village in Hampshire, but the IBM Hursley Lab has earned an international reputation as a centre of innovation and excellence over 50 years.

In this seminar, Andy Krasun will give a personal account of the first 35 years of software development activities there, referring to the history of this period. His talk will include an overview of several products and technologies, with specific reference to CICS.

Geoff Sharman will explore the relevance of CICS today and the reasons for its widespread use and continuing success. His talk will review the history and the key innovations introduced by CICS over the last 40 years, up to the most recent version released in 2009 and the role it plays in today's economy.

The talks will take around 2 hours, followed by questions and discussion.

About the speakers

Both speakers worked on system design and development at Hursley for many years. Geoff Sharman is Visting Professor in Computer Science at Birkbeck College.


For recent CICS product background, you can find more CICS information on the IBM website.

For more about on the history of CICS a starting point is the CICS Wikipedia entry.


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