Title: The ICL 2903 Development Story
Speaker: John Harper
Date: Thu 15th January 2015
Time: 14:30

Fellows’ Library of the Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2DD


About the seminar

As a Development Manger with a great deal of support from upper management and with a very willing team we were able to quickly develop a machine that sold almost 3,000 units; all over the world. The talk covers in brief how the project came about and a description of the hardware itself using technology only just then becoming available.

Also the use of microcode, not just for order-code, but also to control peripherals at a detailed level. Manufacturing will be touched upon as will a development manager’s a view of sales and marketing.

It is hoped that a panel of experts directly involved in the 2903 programme can be formed after the talk.

About the speaker

John Harper has been the Bombe Rebuild Project Manager and on the CCS committee for around 20 years. However prior to retirement he spent most of his career with ICT/ICL and Finally in STC.

He considers his most rewarding period with ICL was when he was Manager Logic Design of the 2903 at the ICL Development Laboratories in Stevenage.

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