Computing Diagrams

Speaker: Guy Marshall
Date: Tuesday 28th November 2023
Time: 18:30 - 19:45

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester


About the seminar

Diagrams have been used to design and communicate about mathematics and computation since ancient times, through mechanical “adding machines” to electronic computing. Since the advent of modern computing, not only have computing systems developed from the Manchester Baby towards generative artificial intelligence, but so too have the accompanying diagramming techniques evolved. The talk focuses on 20th and 21st century computer software diagrams, and the development of diagramming as a way of reasoning, collaborating and communicating about computer systems.

About the speaker

Dr Guy Marshall is Simon Industrial Fellow at University of Manchester and fractional Chief Technology Officer at PorthouseDean Structural Engineers. He is also a freelance agile coach and technology strategist, sits on Council for Manchester Statistical Society, and is a regular speaker at international technology conferences.

Note that this is a joint meeting with the Newcmen Society.