Tony Sale Award

Speaker: Tony Sale Award winner
Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Time: 14:30

National Museum of Computing (TNMoC) within Bletchley Park and via the Internet using ZOOM.


About the seminar

The winner of this prestigious Award will be announced, and a presentation about the winning project will take place, on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at The National Museum of Computing (TNMoC).

The international Tony Sale Award was established by the Computer Conservation Society (CCS) in 2012 in memory of the late Tony Sale. This award recognises a singular achievement in the area of computer conservation and restoration by a person or group, and gives public recognition to such work worldwide. The emphasis is on highlighting a significant practical project, which may involve hardware and/or software.

The award, normally made every two years, was paused during the pandemic. The Computer Conservation Society (CCS) is delighted to resume the award for 2024. Engagement with visitors and users through working machines is a signature feature of Tony Sale’s legacy. With its emphasis on live interaction with users, TNMoC, located at Bletchley Park, is a natural home for the Tony Sale Award. This year, TNMoC will host the award ceremony as part of a collaborative effort with CCS.

An independent judging panel, convened by Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly, will evaluate entries and select the winner.

For more information on the awards – www.sale-award.org


Attendance is free but you do have to make a booking (see below) whether you will attend in person or via Zoom. Kindly note that when visiting TNMoC it is not necessary to pay for entrance to Bletchley Park.

Travelling instructions to TNMoC at www.tnmoc.org can be relied upon.

The museum is open between 10:30 and 17:00 for your delight with tea/coffee etc. available shortly after opening. the main timings are as follows –

13:15 Complementary buffet lunch and drinks
14:30 Awards ceremony commences, followed by a lecture on the project from the winning candidate, and then Q&A
16:15 Awards ceremony terminates (approx.)

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