Past Events on YouTube

Here is a list of the past events which can be viewed on YouTube.

In each case the symbol is a link to the video and is a link to the event description.

Date Title Speaker(s)
2020-2021 Season
20th May 2021 Historiography of the History of Computing Doron Swade
15th Apr 2021 Cash and Dash: How ATMs and Computers Changed Banking Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
18th Mar 2021 A world first! Early real-time systems in the 1960s steel industry — the technology, the developers and the users. Geoff Henderson
18th Feb 2021 What do you get when you try to build a global communications technology using snail mail? David Grier
02nd Feb 2021 The History of ICL Revisited Martin Campbell-Kelly
21st Jan 2021 Early Australian computer developments including CSIRAC and the work of Trevor Pearcey Barbara Ainsworth
01st Dec 2020 The Demise of Ferranti Prof. John Wilson
19th Nov 2020 The Origins of GENESYS, the General Engineering System Brian Shearing
29th Oct 2020 The Evolution of LEO, the World’’s First Business Computer John Daines
21th Sep 2020 Anecdotes,lessons learned and the rocky thrill of a colourful career and volunteering in the IT Business Michael Grant
2019-2020 Season
16th Mar 2020 Universal cryptanalytic machine – a dream come true Marek Grajek
20th Feb 2020 Alan Turing’s Manchester Jonathan Swinton
16th Jan 2020 The First Day as a Programmer for the Manchester Mark 1 Olaf Chedzoy
21st Nov 2019 Computing at Jodrell Bank Ian Morison
17th Oct 2019 Role of Computer Museums and Studying Computer Science Jochen Viehoff & Johannes Blobel
19th Sep 2019 The History of ICL Revisited Martin Campbell-Kelly
2018-2019 Season
21st Mar 2019 Design of Ferranti Argus 400 for Industrial Process Control John Steele
21st Feb 2019 Olivetti and the Early Italian Computers Elisabetta Mori
17th Jan 2019 Stardust: tales from the early days of computing, 1948 — 1958 Simon Lavington
25th Oct 2018 Cold War to Coal Trains: TOPS — British Railways’ first computer based train operating system Jonathan Aylen
20th Sep 2018 1900 Emulation and Software Recovery Bill Gallagher, David Holdsworth, Delwyn Holroyd & Brian Spoor
2017-2018 Season
17th May 2018 The Elliott 401 Project Rod Brown & Chris Burton
19th Apr 2018 Constructing the EDSAC Replica - Lessons Learned Andrew Herbert & Chris Burton
15th Mar 2018 Founding of the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), its Early Days and its Rôle Today Brian Ford & colleagues
26th Oct 2017 Bottlenecks and Breakthroughs, a 40 year journey in IT David Morriss
21st Sep 2017 Software as Heritage and Strategies for its Preservation — and what Computer Sounds have to do with it Gerard Alberts
2016-2017 Season
23nd May 2017 Making IT Work Conference — ICL 2966 Martin Campbell-Kelly and Delwyn Holroyd
23rd May 2017 Making IT Work Conference — Air Traffic Control Ben Trethowan
23rd May 2017 Making IT Work Conference — Colossus Phil Hayes
23rd May 2017 Making IT Work Conference — Harwell Decatron Kevin Murrell
18th May 2017 The Joe Lyons Story — Food for Thought Neville Lyons
16th Mar 2017 Babbage and Lovelace Sydney Padua
16th Feb 2017 Simulation Models of Historical Computers - Atlas, MU5 and CDC 6600 Roland Ibbett
17th Nov 2016 Sale Award — ENIAC Panel Reconstruction Johannes Blobel and Dr Jochen Viehof
17th Oct 2016 Marian Rejewski’s Cyklometer Jerry McCarthy
2015-2015 Season
11th May 2016 The History of ENIAC in three Programs Mark Priestley
27th Apr 2016 The HEC1 Story Kevin Murrell, Delwyn Holroyd and Roger Johnson
17th Mar 2016 Proposed Computers: Several Design Projects that never left the Drawing Board David Eglin
18th Feb 2016 Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace: Two Visions of Computing, or, Ada Lovelace, why the fuss? Doron Swade
21st Jan 2016 The Unknown Alan Turing Sir John Dermot Turing
22nd Oct 2015 Colossus in Detail Chris Shore
22nd Sep 2015 Development of Satellite Navigation Technology Air Commodore Norman Bonnar
2014-2015 Season
16th Apr 2015 Materialisations of Logic Machines Rainer Glaschick

The Society hopes to be able to publish recordings of earlier lectures many of which require transcription from early formats.